031 – Professor James Fallon studies brain scans of psychopaths

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Professor James Fallon of UC Irvine is a Neuroscientist who studies brain scans. He has made a specialty out of studying the brains of psychopaths and serial killers and has been all over television and had a TED talk. Many people know him for discovering that his own brain scan resembled a psychopath. We have a wide ranging conversation from language centers of the brain to empathy to his family history to George Carlin and more.

The lecture mentioned in the episode: Isaiah Berlin – Lecture on Joseph de Maistre

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You can find Professor James Fallon online at the following places:

Websites http://www.psychiatry.uci.edu/features/fallon-feature-11152013.asp or https://www.faculty.uci.edu/profile.cfm?faculty_id=2303

Twitter @jameshfallon

James Fallon studying killer's brains takes a surprising twist, in his own family tree. Even more bizarre, Lizzy Borden is a distant cousin of his.


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